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Meet Kim Truss from Drawing Room Designs

Tiffany Wade



Hi, my name is Kim Truss and I define beauty by as texture.  God gives each person abilities and different characteristics which make them unique. For me, it's as simple as their sense of humor, the way a person smiles, their quirkiness, talents, and imperfections. People's unique qualities give them texture!

3 things that have inspired me lately:

  1. People that have been successful in small businesses 
  2. Studying the life of Paul
  3. Finding a new piece of furniture

The best thing happening in my life right is that I get to be creative and run a small business that I love and spend a tone of time with my three kids that are growing up way too fast. It's so fun watching their personalities grow.

The thing that is hardest for me to see "beautiful" right now?  Self promotion of my talents and gifts doesn't feel right. I know and feel confident in my abilities and gifting but it also feels like I'm making much of myself and being vulnerable in front of people I don't know.  

I fight to see beauty through abiding in God's word and the people in my life.

Daily rituals that make me feel beautiful? For me my daily rituals that make me feel beautiful are: a bath, a clean house, wearing a cute outfit (even if it's workout clothes), earrings, when I curl my hair with a wand (which I highly recommend trying), exercising, and eating healthy.

My favorite accessory is earrings and/or a necklace because honestly I don't wear makeup a lot. Earrings or a necklace make be feel more girly even when it's a hat day.

One of my favorite adventures was attending my 20 year class reunion 2 years ago.  We stayed in Clarksdale, MS where I grew up.  Clarksdale is in the heart of the Mississippi Delta and known to be the birthplace of the blues.  Our class rented out The Hopson Plantation. This location is a historical landmark in the delta that has expanded and begun renting little shacks with a common area restaurant/bar in the Plantation. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, they don't call it the Hopson Plantation, that would be far too fancy. The place we stayed is called, "The Shack Up In" - no need to rub your eyes or re-read that name, you read it correctly.  If you're curious you should check this place out online to see what I'm talking about. You don't stay their for comfort or even the fact that it's kinda cute and rustic, you stay there for the history and experience the delta brings. What made it so great was the laughter that brought me to tears, from hanging out with some really fun people and seeing friends "really change" after 20 years compared to our 10 year reunion (which wasn't much different). Reality is that we are all on equal planes, no longer identified by what group you were associated with.  It was a sweet adventure, down memory lane with a lifelong friend and our husbands, who died laughing, while we relived those days, taking pictures in front of our school as if we were still equipped for cheerleading pyramids.

I would tell my younger self to embrace who you are and not to compare yourself to others. Don't be a worry wart.