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Meet Jaleesa McCreary

Tiffany Wade

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Tell us your name and how you define beauty.

I’m Jaleesa and I define beauty as confident humility. When someone owns who they are and the good design God has for their life, while also believing that they can learn from and grow from anyone they meet...that’s beautiful.

Tell us 3 things that have inspired you recently.

1) I went to a Sigur Ros concert and it was so beautiful and engaging! Definitely inspired me as a creative.

2) natural light - can that inspire? It just opens me up!

3) my roommate - she sees something she wants to do and does it well! She opened a leather business and she is amazing to me.

What is the best thing happening in your life right now?

That God keeps giving me opportunities to serve His church. I get to lead worship in many places for all types of people. It’s a great honor and blows my mind when He moves!

What thing in your life is the hardest for you to see beauty in and why?

Personality is a tough one for me. Sometimes I look around and think that to be feminine is to be soft-spoken, compliant, and weak. I’m not those things....I’m bold, opinionated, and sassy. I fight to believe God had a very intentional design when He did those things in me, and I want to honor Him for it.

How do you fight to see beauty in your life?

Sharing my fears and insecurities with trusted girlfriends helps me fight to see beauty! They remind me of the truest things about myself! And because they are all different from me, I see different expressions of beauty.

What are some daily rituals that make you feel beautiful?

1) Healthy meals make me feel fueled and refreshed. 

2) Washing my face makes me feel ready for the day. 

3) Prayer! It connects me to the Lord.

What is your favorite accessory and why? (earrings, watch, purse, etc.)

My denim jacket!!! It was a surprise find, and I had been wanting one FOREVER! I just feel really good about it!

Tell us about one of your favorite adventures.

I once had a girls day in London with my friend Liz! It will always be one of my favorite memories! We went to an art museum, ate amazing food, laughed A LOT, wore red lipstick, and walked in the rain. Seriously, one of the BEST DAYS EVER!!!

What advice would you give your younger self?

BE KIND! I spent a lot of years being unkind to people because I felt threatened and unworthy. You don’t gain confidence or love living that way. Love people, respect their experiences, and BE KIND!